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salmon burgers
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Salmon Burgers

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Made fresh from Wild Alaskan Sockeye and Coho Salmon right here locally on our farm in Palmyra, Wisconsin.

Made with the perfect balance of herbs, spices and fresh vegetables, our salmon burgers are available in your choice of Traditional,  Sweet Italian, Spinach and Feta, or Chipotle flavors and are best served with a smooth light red wine or a hearty hoppy cold beer.

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Prepared from scratch with wholesome ingredients, our gluten free recipe begins with premium Wild Sockeye and Coho Salmon, complemented by potato, onion, bell pepper and a flavorful blend of spices. Made fresh from Wild Alaskan Sockeye and Coho Salmon right here locally on our farm in Palmyra, Wisconsin.

Great on the grill. Keep frozen prior to use.

Wild Alaskan Salmon Burgers

We begin with premium Wild Alaskan Salmon combined with potato, diced onions and a blend of seasonings when producing all of our healthy delicious Wild Alaskan Salmon Burgers.

We then add special ingredients to create four popular varieties of this gluten free burger. These burgers cook up beautifully in a skillet on the stove top or on the grill. It will take you less than fifteen minutes to prepare your Wild Alaskan Salmon Burgers, not only are they delicious enough for a dinner party but are also quick and easy enough for a weeknight dinner in a hurry.

  • Traditional – Our Traditional is a classic burger with simple ingredients that include diced red bell peppers and seasonings. Check out our recipe for the Classic Salmon Burger that you will love.
  • Sweet Italian – The Sweet Italian Salmon Burger is seasoned with a blend of spices that take their cue from classic sweet Italian sausage including fennel, garlic and oregano. We then add creamy mozzarella and green bell peppers.  Try our recipe for Italian Pesto Salmon Burgers.
  • Spinach Feta  – With the Spinach Feta Salmon Burger you can prepare a balanced meal in one step. We add just the right amount of crumbled feta cheese and spinach to our Spinach Feta Salmon Burger to make it sing. Try this popular salmon burger in our Greek Salmon Burger Pita recipe.
  • Chipotle – This southwest inspired burger has a little kick. With Anaheim Chilies and southwest seasonings this favorite salmon burger will get rave reviews. Try our Spicy Avocado Salmon Burger recipe next time you are looking for a satisfyingly spicy meal.

Wild, Natural and Sustainable

  • Natural Source of Omega 3
  • Gluten Free
  • All Natural
  • No Artificial Preservatives
  • No Artificial Flavors, Colors, or Additives

Cooking Instructions:

Keep salmon burgers frozen until ready to cook.

Stove Top: Remove frozen burgers from package and place directly into a preheated, lightly oiled pan. Cook over medium heat until cooked through to 150° and golden brown, about 4 minutes per side.

Grill: Remove frozen burgers from package and place directly on a preheated, clean grill. Grill about 4 minutes per side over medium heat to an internal temperature of 150°.


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