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Our Rainbow Trout

The very cold 49°F water temperature year-round causes slower growth insuring premium quality, texture and flavor. Our trout are fed a premium custom diet and have access to wild food they find in the water as well, resulting in the most delicious rainbow trout you’ve ever tasted.

Rushing Waters is proud to deliver the highest quality rainbow trout available on the market. Our all natural, chemical-free trout are grown without antibiotics and we have proudly used these sustainable farm practices since 1999.

Farm Raised Rainbow Trout

Rushing Waters Fisheries, Wisconsin’s largest trout farm, lies nestled on 80 acres of pristine forest and valleys at the edge of the Southern Kettle Moraine State Forest in Palmyra, Wisconsin.

What does this mean to you?

It means Rushing Waters produces a fresher, higher quality product that is unmatched by competitors.

Still Swimming When You Order

Our trout are harvested to order. That means your fish are swimming when we receive your order. We label containers with the harvest date so you are guaranteed freshness. All our trout are prepared by expert fish cutters in our modern plant according to strict quality-assured FDA guidelines.

We ship our fish in insulated foam coolers with ice bricks to insure that your order will be received in perfect condition.

All Natural Smoked Fish

Our on-site smoke house combines the best traditional methods and modern technology to transform freshly harvested Rainbow Trout, Farm-Raised Atlantic Salmon and Wild Alaskan Salmon into moist, tender and delicious hot-smoked fish.

Each fish is brined in a savory bath of salt, sugar and spices then finished with the smoke of northern hardwoods. Our Smoked Salmon comes three flavor varieties in addition to the classic hickory, Cajun, Peppered and Lemon Dill. No artificial flavors or chemical preservatives are used to produce any of the specialty smoked fish products prepared in our on farm smoke house.

Two popular fish smoked at Rushing Waters are our own farm-raised rainbow trout and  Alaskan smoked salmon.

You have the opportunity to receive your order within 24 hours of harvest!

Kamloops Rainbow Trout

Fish begin life on the farm as fertilized eggs. We tend the eggs in our hatchery for two weeks before the hatching takes place.

These are not just ordinary run-of-the-mill trout. We raise an exceptional strain of rainbow trout called “Kamloops.” They are fed a specially formulated trout diet rich in natural proteins without using any animal byproducts.

Trout at Rushing Waters will reach one-pound size in eighteen months. During their life, the fish are constantly sorted and graded according to size. Harvesting the fish by hand year-round ensures a consistently high quality fish that has the flavor and texture our customers prefer.