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Trout Farm FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions – Trout Farm FAQ’s


Where is our trout from?

Palmyra, Wisconsin – Grown  in natural spring water ponds in the Kettle Moraine State Forest

How is it grown?

Chemical free from egg to harvest using the latest sustainable aquaculture practices.

How fresh is our trout?

It is swimming when you place your order and delivered to your door within 48 hours of harvest.

Is it good for you?

Healthy, nutritious and delicious.

How is the flavor?

Fed a premium diet to produce unequaled flavor.

How about the texture?

Firmer, cleaner because it’s grown in cold water.

How is it cut?

Cut to order. All the traditional cuts available or custom-cut to fit your style.

How is the trout packaged?

In our own name-brand 5 lb. bags. Each bag is dated so you know exactly what day your trout were harvested.