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Wholesale Seafood Orders

Wholesale Seafood, Trout and Salmon

Rushing Waters Fisheries provides premium quality fresh rainbow trout to fine restaurants, retail stores and distributors nationwide. While we specialize in farm raised rainbow trout, our network of farmers and fishermen can help us provide you with large orders of wholesale seafood.

Remember Rushing Waters rainbow trout are swimming when you place your order!

Private Label Fish Packing

We often get inquires about our processing and private labeling services and would be happy to discuss the options with retail distributors and resellers.

Wholesale Contact Info

To plan an order for your restaurant, retail store or distributor, contact:

Peter Fritsch, Farm Manager

Phone: (262) 495-2089

Fax: (262) 495-8327

Or use the form on our contact page to contact us by email.

“For twelve years I have had tremendous satisfaction preparing and serving the beautiful trout raised by Rushing Waters Fisheries. Here are a few reasons:

They have been consistently delivered to me in perfect condition, immaculately fresh.

Due to the pristine environment in which they are raised, they possess flavor that is both subtle and complex. This allows great latitude with cooking methods and presentation as well as many possibilities for wine pairing.

As the general public are increasingly aware of the forces at work in modern aqua culture, Rushing Waters’ commitment to responsible farming makes their fish an even greater pleasure to use and recommend.”

Jim Terry, Executive Chef

The Captain Merry Restaurant & Guest house
East Dubuque, Illinois